Memories Preservation Package

Memories. We all have them – of days long past, or the past weekend. Whether they are memories that older family members share from time to time, or those stored in boxes of old photo albums, our memories are personal and priceless, something to be preserved for future generations.
But who has the time? Carpe Diem Media Services does. We know how important the story of your family is, how each family member plays a major role in that story, that we are all extraordinary in our own way, and that there is no time like the present to take steps to preserve your thoughts and the story of your lifetime.

Our professional staff has conducted and recorded countless personal interviews for memory videos. We spend time with you, asking questions, listening, and learning about you and your life, then focusing on the memories that mean the most to you and your family.

How does it work?
Carpe Diem provides a list of standard interview questions for you to review. We then review your answers with you to determine key areas of focus. A professional interviewer then conducts an on-camera interview with you to capture your personality, your memories, your story.

We then edit that recorded interview, and incorporate any photos, artifacts or descriptions that you wish to share into the story. We provide two DVD copies of your story, as well as a web encrypted version for internet use.

Due to the very personal nature of memory videos, upon completion of your video, all photos, artifacts, and written descriptions provided will be returned to you. Once the final product is delivered to you in DVD format, Carpe Diem will delete all project files and records. No
additional copies are created or maintained.

What does it cost?
Our basic Memory Video package costs $250*. This includes one on-camera interview, recorded description of photos and artifacts, two DVD copies and a web encrypted version.
Multiple interviews, recordings, copies, etc., are available at additional cost. A quote will be provided at the start of the project.
We guarantee that the quoted price* will never be exceeded.

For more information, send an email to,
or call 216-398-0101.

*tax not included